Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I’m just a guy hanging on

Waiting for days to turn to nights

Until you tread into my life

I couldn't invent a girl as sweet as her

To find someone who would do anything for you

Perfect with a tint of blue

And turn the sun right back on you

She finds no faults in me

And loves me truly with each and every curl

She’s so naive she doesn't even know

That she’s the most beautiful girl in the world

After all I am and everything I've done

Still loves me through it all for who I am

She sees something no one else does the man in me

She takes me to the end

And then I’m me again

She reminds me love never ends

I’m her every star I’m her every man

She’s the reason I get out of bed

Without her I’m better off dead

She’s my here my there my everywhere

Two hearts beat as one

The world only makes sense when you’re around


I had a feeling today was the day

The sparkle in life that's faded away

Has already passed over this I can tell

I take one last glance, remembering their final dance

And then to say so long but never goodbye

There are no words that could be said

So why even try

 There’s only lonely cancer and then you die

There’s no eulogy that can ever  justify why

Lonely cancer is the bottom of hope

In life when you’re at the end nothing helps even the dope

Never remember the lonely cancer

But only the life they lived

Remember the dance

 Remember the last time you held them close

 Remember the last time they walked away

Even when Knowing all along today’s the day

And that lonely cancer was only a stage

Like a final dance with the one they lost before

as you held their hand

Hearing that last breath fade back to who they were again

a place where they’ll never hurt again place for DAD AMEN!!!!