Monday, July 27, 2015


                   offensive in every word  you say

                   it offends me in every way  
                 i seen you on the t.v. the other day

                   couldn't seem to understand a word you say

                   i don't believe it  was the way you spoke

                 it was the words you said   did you feel misled

                  did you know words like that where it will go

               the world is changing what you say can't be undone

                 every word you say is offending someone

                 so rearrange your tone and always be calm

                     everyone has a little racism inside

                      we discriminate those who we do not understand

                     your culture makes you seem different than i am

                     we live in  a civil society  that doesn't mean to hurt

                  sometimes we say things that offend

                  without knowing the meaning of the words

                  and the tensions build so many times i've seen

                   out of anger we lash out and say things we don't mean

                    we must understand we are not one culture

                   black and white is like day and night

                      we go together we need one another

                   we can not change the past

            but we can change the future together

Saturday, July 25, 2015


                  i'm in a world that no one is like me

                  nothing I do ever seems to excite me

                it seems  I can never win! then again

                 i  live in the guilt  of my sins

                 everyone's around me but i'm still alone

                  my punishment in life is to feel every stone

                  stuck in a world where i know no one

                   is there's others or am i all alone

                  waiting to break through this madness called my life

                  to understand these feelings i feel inside

                  so for now i'll live among your world

                  all alone and frozen in time standing still

Monday, July 20, 2015


                         i'm not bitter the way you act

                          I am no quitter but I don't want you back

                          so stop the twitter i wont react

                         find another friend who can socially adapt

                         research yourself on wiki if need be

                        you tell your friends I want you back

                        girl your crazy and you make me laugh

                        so next time you tweet

                        think before you send

                       cause your so called friends

                       may not be your friends again

                       I tried but i'm so bitter all the trash you talk

                        using Facebook and saying it's my fault

                I don't need you I got hundreds of friends i've never met

                       I don't know everything

                      but I do know your one friend I wish i could forget

                       i'm so bitter with social media

                       wish things were the way they were

               if you wanted to dump her you wouldn't answer the door

                       when she called you'd hit ignore

                        but now your in my face 24 different ways

                       and what you put on the internet always stays

                        in the heat of the fingers you can't take it away

                       most things said you didn't mean to say

        so stop your tweeting you sound like Huey over eating

                     if someone doesn't know you they'll start believing

                     it cuts so deep that it never stops bleeding

                     all this hatred is just not needed

                    alls it takes is for one to believe you

                     i don't even know you I've never even met

                     but your the one I wish I could forget

                    stalking forever trash talking

        all because I confided in a  now I wish I would have accepted

                     when does it end even if I delete you

    i'll forever see you,i'm telling everyone I know don't believe you

                  now my so called friend is gone

                   trash talking was kind of fun

                  i'm still bitter maybe she wasn't the one

Friday, July 17, 2015


                        thinking back

                      how sweet love can be

                    a reflection of the time we spent

                    and how sweet you were to me

                  I still  remember back then

                to the first kiss we shared

                in the mist of the day

               and the nights cool air
             the memories we had

              some ended up in fights

             but you were always there

             making love and

          passion of pulling my hair

           the way two lovers  do

           helps keep my memory of you

          i listen when you talk

          I love the way you are

          writing i love you on the sidewalk

        i am yours and are mine

        and time after time

         sometimes i stare for hours while you sleep

          wondering what you see in me

          do you ever think of him

          when we make love

         am I the one your dreaming of

         or is it another guy in some fantasy

        I'll never forget holding her

        it's not like it used to be

        I only have moments

       it'll never be the way it used to be

       thinking back in time to our memories

       your the greatest memory i'll ever know

     don't walk away please don't go

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


                   I was your flame

                  but that was then

                 shit happens is the way life is

                 and things change

                 then once again

                 your someone else s flame

                and another flame comes along

               in the beginning you burn at both ends

              when it comes to you i'll never burn again

              while   the flame changes the way you live

             just accept life in everything you do

            things change and we learn to forgive

            never a fact of the matter fact

            it's just the way we live

            as time goes by the flame burns lower

             just remember the flame only burns so long

             so always take each day

            one day at a time

            you burn so bright you got so much to give

            things change and we learn to forgive

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


      shes got his baby blue eyes

      you can see his dimples when she smiles

     from the moment she left his arms

    a bond a promise she'll never be harmed

    a promise he kept  from that moment on

   until the demon attacked within

    remembering the promise over and over again

   her cancers  coming through the skin

 it's not fair to live a life she never chose

 and her first kiss she might never know

  how can a little princess with a heart of gold

  never get to see eight years old

 a decease thats gone from 0 to stage four

  i drop to my knees and pray to god

  if you knew her you wouldn't take her from us

    i'd give my life for hers

 just so she could go back to the way things were

 here is my dream for make a wish

 stop the chemo and make the pain go away

 I know it's life and it is what it is she never got to live

 it was a miracle a dream come true

   he took the pain away and gave the cancer to me

   and i watched as the angels came to take me away

   thinking back that was my greatest day

    as a parent to take your kids pain away

    it's been twenty years since that day

    and it hurt to watch another man give my baby away

    he was the dad he didn't have to be

    kind of strange how 20 years seems like a day

    and i never regretted a day

       just to see your first kiss, and the life you got to live

Monday, July 13, 2015


                                            hello gain
                              i still remember that first look on your face

                            the shape of your lips the things you say

                             it makes me laugh, when i think of you

                          the smile that helped the day through

'                       man! that day you blew my world away

                  i still remember the nights and those games we played

                         i can hear you yell out uno  as clear as day

                         even though your a million miles away

                         hello again I miss my friend

                         just wondering how you have been

                         i love the way you said the words you say

                         helps me make it another day

                         i can feel your touch like it was yesterday

                         why did you move so far away

                         you promised me many more days

                         now your lies are a million miles away

                        hello again I still pretend

                        i pretend you never went away

                        and night never turns to day

                                 if it's not surreal

                      then your not a million miles away

                     and you never broke the promise you made that day

                      so if that makes seem insane

                      watching the candle burn down on my favorite flame

                      then being insane aint so bad

                      it's a decease im glad to have

                   good bye my friend this flame has burned to thee end

                      and the memories are glowing further apart

                      but your flame will always grow inside my heart