Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Is that you GOD, knocking at my door

Can you give me a few minutes a few minutes more?

To tell my family what they mean to me

And without them who knows who I’d be

What’s that!! Take my time, thank you

It seems you stopped over quite earlier than I thought

There's never enough time to count the cost

and When we die with regrets  all is lost

I’m not a selfish man I know I owe my life to you

It scares me so much to know my time here is done

So now you know there are so many things you could have done

You never had enough time to become someone

And I know me too! I said I’d do it tomorrow

As we learn late in life tomorrow never comes

And today goes on and on

I don’t regret the short time left

And you came personally to bring me home

Maybe because you didn't want me to die alone

So when you get a knock at the door

Man up! Because you never know what lye’s next door

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


        LET HER GO
Let her go and you’ll find

There is no love deeper than mine

No one knows why the good die young

It happens like the rising of the sun

And her Life went so damn fast

In my dreams she never last

Like a fairy tale at the sight of light she is gone

Then she’s gone and you’re all alone

She’s all and everything you’re thinking of

Too Miss her is a hell of a drug

When it comes to her you can’t get enough

Can you see her when you close your eyes?

Is she in every car that passes by

You let her go, so you let her go

Everything you see makes you feel alone

Everyone you love moves on and on

When the light starts burning low

You know it’s time to let her go

Cause if you love her you’ll let her go

You don’t have to say it she already knows

Friday, December 26, 2014


How can something so lovely

 Come out of three colors

In drawing the end is last to be discovered

He speaks out loud, she aint trying to hear it now

It’s what he’s thinking about but the words aint coming out

So now what he’s trying to say, gone girl go away

He can no longer remember

Started in March it’s now December

He can no longer recognize his own daughter

Forgotten all he has taught her

Cause gone girl has taking who you were

He shouts out, but it doesn’t get louder

He asks himself does dream have sound

And why is gone girl always around

He ask because his dreams have gotten gone

This is the new me I’m not making it much longer

How you say I've never been stronger

Move on I’m all wrong girl

We’re fighting 24/7 and I’m standing still

So you wear a mask to hide the shame

This passion for life aint nothing but a game

Tired of you tearing down my friends

You leave and there you are back again

Saying all the things you said

Telling me you wish I was dead

Girl come on leave me along

If your going be gone

Don’t make my regression prolong

Cause me and my friends

With or without you gonna have a good time

And you stalk me on FACEBOOK

Who’s this new friend of mine

She’s new she’s nice

She never starts a fight

What she’s got you’ll never have

A passion for life does it makes you sad

I didn't think so, first you Gots to have a heart

A man and a place to go

Can’t you get it, can’t you take a clue

I’m in love and it aint with you

That’s right take that pill

To make you chill

As far as I’m concerned your gone girl

I blocked and defriended you on my Facebook

You came right back on there with a new look

But I knew right away I could tell

Your so dumb you can’t spell

Telling my peeps I’m going to hell

I guess you’d know your already there

I don’t mean to deviate but when your on

Face book gone girl you need to learn to abbreviate

Because your words are starting to suffocate

And your stupidity is fully accumulating

I’m tired of the retaliations filled with accusations

Only reason you’re not gone girl yet

Preaching to the quire at your congregation

Your lack on common sense has

Caused your obvious retardation

But I must make a confession about

Your racist regression, and foolish

Ideas has caused frustrations

So what do I have to block the world

Just to block and make you gone girl.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014



I see the way you look at him

What might have never been surely will never be again

Never been so happy to say goodbye

Never been so happy to tell you a lie

I guess you can’t say goodbye to what you’ve never had

Watching the good times turn into bad

Never thought another man could make you smile

The grin must have lasted a million miles

Maybe we've never been all along

Or maybe you don’t think of me in some sad song

Never been one to admit someone else could love your child

Never been a guy who speaks his mind

Or to find myself a violent kind

Never been a guy to cry over spilled milk

But when it comes to you I will

Every time I see you with him

Think back to what might have been

But this time I know never again

Never again will I see the look in your eye

Never again will I be the one to hold you when you cry

Never again maybe cause we never been all awhile

Never thought you’d whisper in someone else’s ear

And watch him kiss you on New Year to your favorite song

Maybe this never again is a better man than I've never been all along

Monday, December 22, 2014



You left me so long ago

 does it hurt when you breath,do you care what you done to me

Isn't it something, how you can still make me smile

Not a moment too soon, I loved you all the while

I've known deep down not a whisper not a sound

   lingered a love all on my own  isn't it something

For so long I've been waiting for a knock at the door

 I've never seen this side of you the side I adore

You left me so lonely, With a heart blinded with  bitter

Just how much text of you I twittered

 i'll never give in, and someday again

to a place were we go, to a love we used to know

every time I go back to where we've been,,I see you with him

 is it a surprise or was it planned, every time I see you it's another man

Some day’s turns to nights, others stand still

Now you say it’s sweeter than it’s ever been before

Isn't it something, but I still love you so

 I’m no longer bitter that was so many years ago

Isn't it something how long this ride will go

Sunday, December 21, 2014


She holds my heart, i hold hers too 

I love her so much there's nothing i wouldn't do

and i watched her first step

Her every step takes my breath away

Watching you grow into a beautiful young lady

Holding you close for popcorn and flicks

Never knowing what’s coming next

OMG! At seven the boys are already starting to text

So as I promised we’re headed to the park

She ride your bike and I got to carry it back

As she stop to watch the birds playing

You ask me if I know what their saying

She starts to skip over lines in the side walk

How can she say so much and never talk

Missing a skip on the way home from the park

As she skins her knee my heart begins to stop

How can someone so small, make me feel so small?

I’m a guy who goes through life tough

When she’s around you turn my heart to mush

Now a few years have gone by

I’m checking FB! And threatening the guys

She’s thirteen going on twenty one

Watching her as her world has just begun

She’s growing too fast….Slow down girl 

Take time to figure out this DAMN world

Remember every moment because they never last

She spends her life living in the past

So now she’s met the man of your dreams

In her world he’s everything…. So it seems

So he’s not perfect, but he loves my girl

That’s good enough in my world

She’s married now with a little one the way

She’ll cherish the times we had some day

And she sings a song to her kids her grandma used to sing

In her grandmas eyes she was everything

Now she’s older and your kids have grown

They left home, and now she’s all alone

Cherish every moment with their grand parents

Cause hers will soon be gone

The moral is stay young, as long as you can

Because in life there’s no second chance

Friday, December 19, 2014


I now must go through my broken life

The falling depths. Of these lonely nights

And I oh yes I!! Promise to always love you

Through everything I've done

To the Day that it all had begun, I swear I will

Always promise to be true, what I've done I've done for you

Forgive all I've done, there’s never been another one

And please! Remember me, where ever you are

Always and forever you’re my guiding star

Until that final day comes, when I can no longer love anyone

And they lay me down to rest, lay your picture upon my arms

Even though! For me you’re no longer in love

And I know I am not the one you’re dreaming of

Always and forever! And you’re in the arms of another

Do you close your eyes when you’re in his arms

Are you safe does he keep you warm

And do you think about those nights we were together

But you say I’m not what you’re looking for

Someday I know I’ll find you upon my door

Until the time has come I’ll see you again in my dreams where love never ends

 I will see you on the other side and then forever and always

I’ll do what you need, in time too you’ll think of me


Your trousseau living the way you live

Giving out the hate but you never forgive

You take a trip and you never leave home

You’re in a world made up of your own

You count the cost to all you’ve done

All you’ve lost will always come back

Waiting to see how long your dream will last

As it turns out dreams are over to fast

The only way to the future is through the past

I went through life with a fear of living alone

It’s not my deepest fear it has to move on

Going through life’s stages one by one

Dealing with life’s changes, the fear of moving on

Every day I fear getting out of bed

I’m afraid of what they think of me, and words they said

I don’t blame my dad he did the best he could

We never seen eye to eye, we were just misunderstood

I know when I reach heaven I’ll reach out for him

And shake his hand, and hug him again

Concurring my fears is my final stage in life

I finally reach the destiny of death tonight

So now I lay down this poem from my heart down to words

When you face your fears make sure you’re not misunderstood


I woke up this morning you were not there

And rubbed my eyes, you could be anywhere

Then suddenly I realize, there’s a note, it says goodbye

You’re gone! You’re gone out of my life

You snuck out as soon as I closed my eyes

Just like that you whisked out in the middle of the night

So many things I could’ve done to make it right

What could I say to make you stay, or has t all been said

You told me to go to hell and drop dead

I would hold you close but I’m looking at an empty bed

I want to make things right what can I do

Could have made you laugh a little more instead of annoying you

So many things I could done, I could have been your everyone

But how could it be what can be done

When we were together no longer have fun

I made my choice, now it’s done, maybe its better off now you’re gone

Some days you have to move on, realize when it’s over and done

So I chose to leave you alone, I’ll no longer be waiting by the phone

She’s gone!! Like the Wisk of the air

She’s gone! She left me and I don’t even care



Com, on!! Enough is enough trade bullets with love

Because the bullets cause blood  com, on!! enough is enough

Haven’t we seen enough watching all that's been done

Another black kid has falling down Officer did you shoot him

Quiet not a sound Oh no!! Not again

He’s been there for a while Com, on!! Get him off the ground

You wouldn't treat a dog like that Why you treating him

What’s that I hear… he resisted arrest?

Com, on!! Two shots at best To take 9 shots to put the boy at rest

They call it justifiable homicide  It’s sad and sickening to the human eye

Was this young man a trophy on your wall?

Or just a quest of watching another black kid fall

Where the threat when he raises his hands

There’s no gun on this young man

And at the end of the day he’s another dead son

I ask myself does he regret what he done

Or was he just another racist with a gun

I’m a confused man who happens to be white

And saddened enough to know it isn’t right

Maybe it’s time to hold authority with a gun

To a higher standard than everyone

It’s time to wipe our eyes we can see

Cause There’s to many black kids dead on the street

Black on black hatred that’s sad

It’s time to take a step back and breathe

Cause I don’t know about you but it bothers me

Enough is enough replace bullets with love

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hold her loosely, but never let her go

Dancing close to the fire, with the music down low

Sometimes it feels like yesterday, was a long time ago

He wants you to stay, but deep down you need to go

Going through life wondering what could have been

Waiting for the day she comes back in his arms again

So he begs her to stay, shes searching for the promise land

She’s heard it all before, it’s not enough he’s just an ordinary man

Same ole drama love strict story you've heard it all before

She’s got different plans, and she’s going to make it

Like a million girls before

What’s wrong with the way things are, working days and singing in the bar

She just doesn’t understand he’s doing the best he can

It’s not enough! He’s just an ordinary man

So he comes running back to her like he always does

To him it’s enough to be in love

She doesn’t let him know deep down she’s glad to see him,

He said he stop by just because, he lied cause he’s in love

She introduces him to the one she’s dreaming of he’s no ordinary man

He lied and said he was happy for her, and giving the chance he’d do it again


Hello Dixie! It sure has been awhile

Not much Dixie how are you

It’s been a long long time

And I sure do miss your smile

 I'm not sure if you can hear me

But I've been thinking of you alot lately

I  understand you had your reasons

and you were fighting the pain for awhile

Dixie your the highway of love,in deepest part of my heart

She is all I’m thinking of, thinking of her from afar

we are what we are when push comes to shove

the greatest gift you ever taught me was gift of love

I know you broke your promise a promise to never die

it's OK I understand why,you held on to say goodbye

remembering the good times gone bye

Thinking of you makes me smile and turns to tears

My dreams of you last a million years

I remember every dream I feel every tear

talking to you lately,I feel your signal getting near

you know I’ll catch you if you fall from the sky

I miss seeing the world through your eyes

In my dreams you never say goodbye

Hello Dixie, I’ll see you in my dreams tonight

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Remembering standing hand to hand

Leaving a boy and returning a man

Time to time giving orders to defend

An unjustly cause they don’t understand

But they don’t defend the cause

They defend their fellow man

Jarhead aline the defenders of a band of the hand

A true jarhead leaves their base hunting the bad

And don’t comeback until another enemy is slaughtered dead

 They sport on the arm our business is killing, and business is good

Then you finally make it home, now you’re an enemy, but you done nothing wrong

A place you once called home, the protesters tell you that you no longer belong

You answer the call and follow the rules

And the reality of home is more than you can go through

Post war stress is inside your head

You’re back at the war you thought you fled

You contact your command asks for help

And you’re no longer a jarhead, the command will not help

So you return to your head to the life of hell

He hung himself his neck began to swell

Soldier your missions over and so is your hell

Monday, December 8, 2014



    If there was a poem written about you

What would it say, would it make you cry or begin to pray

Have you change someone’s life in a positive way

To pay it forward to a person that’s right

Is the greatest homage, a worthy fight

Who would you be and what did you do

To make someone so damn proud of you

To be on the wall along side of Thomas Dillion

Or U.S. Marshall Dillion saved the world by hunting villains

Whoever your hero in your poem

Must have been some special someone who stands alone

My homage of my poem, is the most special someone

Is my sister who’s a little older than me

She held us together, kept alive our family tree

When my mother died she became the sister she didn’t have to be

Words can never express, my

true feelings of emotional complex


In my dreams I fly to you

I passed your house so I hit the brakes

I think I have this dream everyday

You hop up and grab on my hand, flying through town

I see angels waving to us all around

I’m no iron man my flying nearly Wisk us to the ground

It’s almost day light and I better get you home

If your parents wake up and find you’re gone

Your eyes start to open this is not the way this dream is suppose to be

 You can’t wake up in the middle of my fantasy

But wait if you did would that mean this is real

And could this mean you feel the way I feel

How could you if you don’t know who I am

Could two souls meet in a dream and become one, I don’t understand

Or is this dream I’m having a dream itself

Am I dreaming about dreaming I’m confused and I can no longer tell

Sunday, December 7, 2014


           BACK IN 81

Back in 81 when we loved everyone and fun was fun

And this wild ride I call a life had just begun

Back in 81 when it wasn’t cool to be a vegan

Began an actor, made governor, and became legend

The last republican with an idea a man called Ronald Regan

Back in 81 the look of preppy began, the era of disco is dead

The urban sound turned to the battle of rap instead

Back in 81 when a teenager had discovered his first love

And turned around and buried his best friend just because

Back in 81 we could get gas for less than a dollar

And we got spanked when pops was hot under the collar

And crack wasn’t something you smoked
It was what you did when you cracked a joke

Back in 81 it was cool to be in love as a man

And the war on drugs hadn’t yet began

Back in 81 we lived as a nation where black and white were one

And there was no internet, video games, back in 81 we made our own fun

If I turn back the hands of time then I would go back to 81

When life meant something, we loved one another

Back to a time again when I can hold my mother

I’d hold her and never let the year end

Be a better son and do all the things with her I never did back then

Friday, December 5, 2014


You’re all I think about, you’re my every single thought

I’m nothing without you

You’re the air that I breathe, when I open my eyes your all I see

I love everything about you, from your name to the things you do

In my eyes you complete me, to the blue that help me see

Without you love has never felt so true

 Every heart break I've ever been through

is nothing compared to you, I’m so lost inside without you

You’re the dream I must pursue

From the moment I saw you then the whole world became clear

  You shown me love like I never knew

There’s so much I want to know about who

Holds my heart so deep inside my soul

I’m no good without you is all I know

You’re the L that brings the O that melts the V inside of me

I’m enslaved inside myself, you free me from this lonely hell

Every poem has its meaning

Most plots come true in the end, you had me @ the beginning

Like all this poem must come to an end

I was nothing without you, someday I’ll see my something again

Now people know who you are, and that you made me who I am

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I never thought there come a day

When I’d look love in the face

And not want to walk away

The good times I had in my life

All ended in just one night

I’m the guy who’s spent his life alone

I didn't care, I didn't need anyone

Thinking back to what happened could happen again

 Where were you the day it all began the day love walked in?

 Love hit me with a bean bag full of rocks

Love hit me so quick, when love walks in it doesn't knock

It’s going through my mind over and over again tick tock

Asking myself wasn't I happy alone, and then love walks in

Love walked in and danced on my heart

Like two chocolate hearts melted into one

I’m scared I’ll never be alone again

But you’ll feel the high when love walks in


                  MY BOYZ!
 one thing my boyz can always rely on me, because I know everyone Gots to eat

I’m here taking care of everything for everyone

so they don't have to go through the life that I had to see

so it seems I got nowhere to turn, and even less places to run

I’m no longer you concern, your the bullet and life's the gun

Some day’s life seems to be unbelievable,the life I lived can't be undone 

but from now on I’ll do whatever it takes to get done, A promised I made to my only son

I promised to be a good dad,and never do again the things from my past that I've done

I pledge to forgive and now I’m legitimate and I no longer talk with a gun

World today is set up to make a poor man fail

Knock, knock on the side of my front wall

Got what it takes, I’m a white boy playing ball

I’m man out a white boy playing with the brothers

They know the score, a lonely white boy with a shitty mother

Unfortunately it happens a lot on our side of town

What can I say its that time of day, we all must get along to get around

Just because we’re poor doesn’t mean we’re out there breaking the law

We’re just like everyone else, want to raise our children the best we know how

The gangsters out there now are nothing just acting tough

I can’t go back to that life, and throw it all away

Staying away has taking it’s toll, has making my life rough

But I’ve had enough, watching the world through a window taking it day by day

By the strength of god who has encouraged me through my child

Have I gone insane, or have i gotten used to the pain

Until the day the streets took my of child, I must take to the streets and never again smile

If I have to go door to door, until I gun down my son’s killer dead lying on the floor

Never stopping, never sleep, never again in my heart be me

Drinking and kicking ass, until I hit rock bottom falling flat

I looked at through a drunken blur, I saw a bright light

Of who me and my promise to my son were

At that moment, I realized who I am the end plan

Even if my boyz gone I need to pick up where it all began

Then I realized this is who I am, a good dad, and a hell of a man

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

STRANGER MAN !!!!!!!!!

               STRANGER MAN!!!
There was a mother !who was caring and nothing in between

She spared her life in the hands of others

I knew the day I met her she would be the world’s greatest mother

Except for mine, there is no comparison

As yours were well mannered and mild, and hers was the devils child

She gave up her dreams to be a mother at a young age

Without hesitation it was her job her only way

She knew she had to be more than a mother, morally a best friend

There were times of a stern hand, being as fair as she can

She found herself in this predicament over and over again

She was the nicest most kind, mother you could come by

Till the day a stranger took her child away, without a reason why

That’s the day she changed her first she cried, then vengeful an eye for an eye

She made it her passion, to find this stranger man, she watched every guy

That walked by, has she found him again, for months she struck out

Getting even was all that was on her mind, it was all she could talk about

Then it came so clear, this stranger man she can tell he must be near

A mother has a six sense about things of this manner

He was across the road at the diner, before he could turn

There she was she appeared, first shot missed and grazed him in the ear

 The second and third didn’t, he’s dead it’s clear she road off with her neighbor

Who was at the diner old man John Deere, the whole diner clapped because they understand?

The guy next to you could be that stranger man, well she thought she’d have closure

And peace to a mother who once smile, but it made her gun down ever other missing child’s

Abducting stranger man, look out for the soccer mom with a gun in her hand



The feel of my touch

The warmth of your cold

I love you so much

Till the day we grow old

Without you the loneliness  are secrets to my soul

when we're Together our hearts beat as one

the only part of life thats true

 when my heart skips a beat for you

I’ll do whatever it takes

To hold you deep in my arms

remembering our first date,seems like yesterday

watching the sun come down like a fire at dean lake

Without you and all the mean things you  say

to tell the truth If it was anyone else I’d walk away

Then your eyes become my lucky charm

all in all you’ve done everything for me you can

at the end of the day you Make me want to be a better man

you're the reason i get out of bed

like holding you close keeping you near

i dream of every word you ever said

walking on the beach in the rain

laughing as the raindrops are falling on our head

as we raced to the peer

you looked in the mirror your mascara ran

i tried not to laugh but i'm just a man

her laugh turned to tears,what should i do

right now i just don't want to be hear

i see in your eyes the pain, so i cry to

cause i'd walk in mile in burning fire

to take all your pain away from you

i'd carry you through a bed of roses

your my every thought,my falling desire

cause in the end your the heart that i chose

you're the only heart i know