Thursday, October 15, 2015



           five years since it all went bad

                     i'd tell you the truth

                    but its much to sad

                   two deaths and a cancer

                   is the short side of an answer

                   where as i'm already aging like a dad

                   depressions constant reminder

                  of what I don't have

                  I count the grey highlights of frost in my head

                 wondering if it was all worth the cost when i'm dead

                ten years ago i was considered to be young

                 now the difficulty of living my life has begun

                 the rage of reality one must occur

                 fighting to get back to the days of who we were

                 whoever said we age gracefully must be young

                 because I don't wish getting old on anyone

                 as I come to the end

                 I don't have any enemies but just friends

                whether it's the end or we go on forever

               treat everyone and everyday like it's your last one together


Thursday, October 1, 2015




      roses are red violets are blue 

 Gary sucks cock, and Howard does  too

Artie has gone and Fred has stayed

Robins laughs at Howard everyday

 Richard and Sal pull pranks every night

 Ralph is Howard's little bitch

 he's a cry baby and thats the way it is

so Howard runs his hands through Ralph  hair

,  Ralph licks Howard's everywhere

 howard does he does the best he can

 Howard's stutters like a retarded M''''AN

and Artie nods out from being high

Gary looks like a monkey in heat

and robin so fat she broke her seat

 there isn't a cock Howard hasn't blew

and KC has an IQ of a queer in a closet

  KC fucks hot chicks and he doesn't even love it

   and still carries Howard's pubic hair

if there's nothing else we have learned

 the newest wack packer is Howard  the stuttering Stern 

and just  like an addict on crack, at the dusk of dawn

when howards on the air, Ralph talks like a queer

 and Howard mocks a retard or two,

  Howard it brings out the retard in you