Thursday, June 25, 2015


                           BACK TO WHERE I BELONG
                       or were you there all along

                    I made love when i was young

                     years have gone by and my time has come

                     making love to you is like painting a Birmingham

                      thinking back to how we made love

                     the fantasy is far better than I ever was

                     what I see in you the world doesn't understand

                      in your arms I'm shaking and I can barely stand

                        me without you is like taking kryptinite from superman

                       there's so few words to say, i'm nothing without you

                         my heart beating so fast! then you take my breath away

                           hoping this ride home to eternity never ends

                              so god will bring you back to my arms again

                        your the middle of my heart like an apple core

                           I love you more than the day before

                            up all night wondering where you could be

                                so i'm calling all night on the phone

                                    pouring my heart out to you

                                      til the mornings dawn, then I fall a sleep

                                     you were there all along, lying next to me

                                      and if tomorrow never came

                                         did you say I love you, and without you

                                          I don't want to live another day

                                           would you be standing at heavens gate

                                            or would you forget about me and walk away


                      who's lonely now

                      when each tear drop falls

                       who'll be the one

                      when you come to call

                     you don't mean to hurt me

                     it's just the way you are

                    I give my all with open arms

                    just can't turn back now

                     i've come to far

                     i'm just starting to realize

                     who the hell you are

                      am i'm sure it's right back at me

                      no i'm not this time

                      I think i've pushed you to far

                      i'm just a lonely guy living

                      in a lonely world

                     i'm crying in side

                     for another lonely child

                      just another kid

                      who fights the world

                      to become who he is

                      and if you leave me now

                      you'll lose the best part of me

                     which is the part of you

                     I just can't get over

                     then and now

                     i'll get better someday somehow

                     but not today

                     i'm thinking of you when I got nothing left to say

                     who's lonely now again someday somehow

                     I am! i'm my favorite part of you

                     is who I am and who'll i'll ever be

                    just tell me once your lost without me

                    everything I was is who I used to be

                     and i'm thinking of you my friend

                    day after day!time after time! again and again

                   who's lonely now is who we are

                   and what we've done, we've come to far

                   if you leave me now your the biggest heart in me

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


                      shes was the quick and the dead

                   and she could have lived but she chose death instead

                      she didn't run but when it came to the law she fled

                       a kind of woman in the beginning

                       who you'd think she belonged to the east

                     after butting heads she heads out  west instead

                       shes was the quick and the dead

                         the kind of lady you'll never forget

                          she was the meanest woman who ever lived
                         she chews her chew and spits her spit

                         and the kind of taker,and thats the way she is

                          shes was the quick and the dead

                           killed a man when she was still a kid

                             she liked the ladies just like the men

                             and she broke their hearts

                         til she came back around again

                          she looked washed up and down and dirty

                          and thats a lot for a gunslinger who'll never hit 30

     they came from all around to see her dead lying on the ground

                    just like all the others first your quick then your dead

                             ask billy the kid who shot her in the head

                               now billy the kid is the quick and the dead

                              till the lawman shot him down

 gunmen never live long and they realize the life they live is wrong

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


                             life is a  passion that's dwelling down so fast

                             a burning flame that just wont last

                             loving her is the game, and i want to play it

                             all over again, and you broke my heart

                             sometimes the pain is to much to bare

                             when you find out she doesn't care

                             why does it always come down to this

                             in the end it's all the same

                            all over again we begin to PLAY!

                             this thing they call  the game

                             playing the game from end to start

                             playing the game is  who we are

                              we're playing the game   every other night

                         playing this game is wrong, alls we ever do is fight

                              but I play along playing the game

                              never knowing the score

                          playing this game tonight i'd never played before

                              and playing the game all night and up til four

                               playing the game, and playing it right

                               can't take the pain tonight  anymore

                               if I stop playing the game will begin the fight

                              it's all about you like it was before

                             so I stopped playing the game

                             and she walked out the door

                              turned around and tried to walk back in

                         I changed the locks i'll never play that game again


                  she's so beautiful she's more beautiful today

                  her kindness so much defines her

                  she's an angel even to a stranger

                   and she'll make you smile

                     with the strangest things she'll say

                   even if she don't know you

                   your her secret admirer

                  you breath every breath of desire

                  the kindness she will show you

                   brings you closer everyday

                    the thing is you've never met her

                    still your feelings are getting stronger

                    but  deep down you still can't forget her

                     seems you can't be without her any longer

                     so you lay in bed and  write her

                     cause you have so many things to say

                     you know if you met her you'd excite her

                     and you have this feeling

                     you see her every single day

                     there's a chance that you know her

                     cause there's no way another can love her

                     if she could only read the words you say

                     could it be your best friend

                     whose felt your love in every stroke of the pen

                     but then again it's not so much the who

                      wondering more of the when

                      and is she having these thoughts back at him

Monday, June 22, 2015


   she's bold as the winters day

  staring at the walls, all through the night

those  eyes cold as ice she's got nothing left to s

it's not her fault everything i've put her through

 don't blame her life turned her that way

 I walked all over her, and cheated day after day

 i was so bold,i didn't hide it and i threw it in her face

 you'd be cold too, if life turned you that way

 and walked on you , and told you so many alibi's

 f you've been through what she's been through

you to would have nothing left to say

 if life beat you down the way it beat her down

and i'm sorry to say the last boot was mine

when I met her she was so gentle and kind

 and when you step over her you'll notice

  she was walked on so many times

  so don't hate her, she's not to blame

  I've hurt her so many times,life turned her that way

  I too treated her so bad, and when I was through

  I walked away like so many guys before

 as she lays there and this time forward

 she won't be treated bad or walked on anymore

 and now she's an angel life turned her that way

Sunday, June 21, 2015


will i be the one you began to remember

watching as everything you loved

gone by 8:42 on September morning

as for everything i believed in gone without a warning

each and every race were blown off it's face on earth

everything you stood for came down to a single word

when the towers fells I swear I could hear you scream

it could be heard around the world

until I realized the one screaming was me

picking up the pieces one memory at a time

if I only had a clue i'd change the hands of time

who knew that would be our last goodbye

i still see the pain on your face

that morning when i made you cry

your tired of all my alibi's and my lying eyes

i can never take back the day i made you cry

I remember your last words

do you love I replied NO! then why

the last word why with tears falling down your face

fourteen years later you are the one I still remember

everyday I wake up at 8:42 and i see your face next to mine

then I wipe my eyes it was the illusion of me crying

I've never found love again or the feel of another woman

you were my first flame and you'll be my last

my heart will never begrudge all the pain that I've cost you

and i know you'll understand why i can never love again

i'm hopelessly in love with you

they talk about everyone who died in the building

what about those who were in the plane 

who will never be recognized again

a flame that no longer burns through turned to ashes

and I know everyone has to pay the cost

whose sins is she paying for

is it mine or all the ones who have died before

everyday i get up and remember

I love her more than the day before

and i'll never lose her love again

the fame burns out to early

will the memories will last forever

Wednesday, June 17, 2015



          will i be the one you remember of

           you'll never love me as much as i love you

          and i'll never satisfy and be the flame

                 that  you feel inside it doesn't feel the same

             it was us before them and someday it'll be us again

              someday but not now we must breakdown and say goodbye

             i see the pain in your face you can no longer disguise

           all the alibi's and cheating eyes

           my heart couldn't begrudge all the pain you caused me to cry

            i'm hopelessly in love with you

              a flame that no longer burns through

              and it's time to pay the cost

              remember the love we felt

               and never lose the love that's lost

           you were my first flame will you be my last

             the fame burns out to early

                 will the memories ever last

and in the end all the alibi's and

        the lies I can't disguise