Sunday, May 18, 2014


                     you can go home now daddy, but not a moment before your ready

                     yes PA!  we're still a little wobley but  even so were still pretty steady

                     you can break down now daddy,you can cry, you never were good

                     at goodbyes, whats that? whose by your side, I wept, wiping tears from my eyes

                     we all are! why? were here to say goodbye, look it's raining out we'v made mom cry

                       just then we all felt a deep chill enter the room, then light flickered with a wink of her eye

                      she swept  dad away without even a goodbye,we seen him  leave past us quicker than

                      a speed of light, he hadn't moved that fast since he protected us all in the middle of night

                      we finally seen a sense of peace travel through dads face, a look we hadn't seen since

                      he was separate from time, and space and now he's a million miles away, there are so

                      many signs that our families give us throughout the day,mostly a chill ,a sense when we

                      kneel to prey, we never see them because we are so evolved, in are own lives everyday

                      so lets just take a minute in each thing we do everyday. but mostly it's a feeling, a tingling

                      of presence around you, something you can't explain, like a flickering light going, a wind blowing
                      through a candle into your brain, or even deeper the same sign everywhere look, something

                      you keep thinking about ,something your reading it in a book, you not a reader so you ask

                      yourself what is it about this book, even more where did it come from, I never bought it

                      at the did it get here?who brought it in the door, you have a dream about a loved

                   one, you ask  has crossed over, don't dismiss the dream, take your time and think it over, i

 know you ask yourself    
                      why me? why am i having this dream? what does it mean? maybe your not ready, to hear something
                      so strong, so think about the signs that are happening now, you realize you've been getting them along,  be
                      it could be in dream, in a number, or a miss placed item or just a song. it matter how you receive these
                      signs, there meaningless you'll stay blind, until you come to accept it and have an open mind. you will have doubter
                      who think you'r crazy their unwilling to accept it well lets be honest their mentally lazy, because it
                      takes a person with great will power to see the signs they see everyday, that's why you were choosing
                      and remember to look at the sign with an open mind, because the the true meaning won't be the
                      first thing that comes in your mind, it's much deeper as you will soon find, most of the time

                      you receive these signs in form of numbers , it's a day not a time, thanks for listening to

                       this story of mine, keep an open mind, and you'll do just fine!!!!!

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