Tuesday, July 26, 2016



trying to be humble and kind
before I lose my mind
try to keep sober and clean
before it all comes to an end
she'll never come back to me again
but she'll always be a friend
the way you were to me
like a blind man I couldn't see
with so may fucked uped days
so many years to find my way
I can now remember,like it was yesterday
I now realize before I hated you
I was so in love with you
try to stay humble before you find
the hearts you broke and the things you realize
walked away and left you behind
I don't blame you cause your with him
the memories are alls thats left
where were you when she needed
when she crying I was getting high
I walked away we she needed me the most
I was lost in time gone like a ghost
and I broke her heart of the one you loved the most
back in time if only I could only start again
and say the thngs I should'\ve said
and find a way for her to trust again
and maybe she wouldn't be with him
everyday I'd treat hear better
and time to time tell her in a letter
but thats a memory of something that will never be
but shes been gone for so long in time
if I was only humble and kind
but decades have moved on
you went your way I went mine
I wonder if you think of me from time to time
but now I got mine and you got yours
maybe another place in time

      I would've been humble and kind

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