Monday, May 11, 2015


Momma I’m coming home

Momma  I’m all alone
the Oates I never sown
and those days are hear and gone

you lift me when I start to fall
it feels like I never loved at all
Momma I’m coming home 

without you i'm all alone

every single time i remember your gone

I’m not along for the ride …yet

And in the faded air I hear goodbye

Momma I can barely see you don't forget

Running through a bed of rose

Like you loved to do……….

Mamma you never told me how tough life was

Were you trying to save me..?Or just because

Mamma I’m coming home I’d had enough

Of thoughtless people I can see through

Momma why does it always end in goodbye

Momma I’m coming home …momma I’ve tried

No I’m not all alone momma don’t cry

It’s starting to rain hurting you is driving me insane

When will you come back again?

Momma where have you gone

Momma….I’m not coming home …yet

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