Sunday, May 3, 2015


You don’t know me but you’re a friend of mine

It seemed The faster you shined the faster you’d go

There are so much more of you that we never got to know

Like your love of family and the passion of your only child

Even though your Life seemed to move so quickly

Paul walker my friend all the while

 You never for a moment lost your smile

So much energy in every second of your movies

We’re all your family and morning you has only began

VIN and the rest of fast and furious family

Tell stories of the great times you had

As they stop with a tearful as stories turn to sad

 They are finding it hard without you to move on

There’s not a day they don’t shed a tear

Everyone @ every time @ everywhere

You’re loved by millions everywhere you go

I must step back and catch the breath I take

Seeing you again in all the movies that you made

But as a friend I pray for your family most of all

Losing a loved one is like hitting a wall

As their lives will never be the same

But for you they still get up over and over again

Paul walker when it comes to you not enough words can ever be said

We have the memories of your movies

To us you’ll never be dead

And someday they’ll make a movie about you

And every great thing you got to do

Most of all the great friends you met

You've made a mark on their lives they’ll never forget

This is a poem written by a fan

You would have to know and love Paul to understand

Paul walker my friend R.I.P

We’ll continue your life in all your movies we see

Some lives are almost over and others have just begun

Cherish every moment because you never know which will be your last one

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