Monday, August 17, 2015


             there was something about her I thought we were in  love

               we were just to young to understand

              she was a girl  but she felt like a man

              when she wore men's underwear

               it was like putting your hands in the sand

                a feeling so comfortable

               she knew it was to early for the truth to be  told

              there's many reasons if she was gay

             at her age she thought these feelings were wrong

             she found  someone else

             but they can never be alone

           could it be it's a phase

              a tomboy period of cross dressing

             was she the one

             is what there doing disgusting

            or was it the feeling of loving

            through my head over and over again

             I can't  dump her and walk away

          believe me I din't understand

            is there somthing wrong with her

           or could the problem persist in us

           can only a man and a woman be in love

           like an addict with tracks

         addiction to a feeling of love

             and she can never go back

           she can't live a lifestyle they want her to

          it's only been accepted as of later

          her family was excepting they forgave her

         for what? shes done nothing wrong

          I wonder if that night I wouldn't have treated you so bad

          would there be other choices you had

         giving time it could be a phase your going through

           or maybe I need to accept it's just you

          I wish everyone had the courage that you do


           you weren't the one I was with

             it's your fault the stories you believed

           did you really think you could change me

          you should have walked away and left before the end

          times we had  weren't all bad some were fun
            this is now and that was then

            and we chat  from time to time

         things are different i'd say today

         I heard from friends that your gay

      i couldn't even recognize you

       then again i'm half blind

        i think I need to get with the changing times

        what we had is gone today

       the fun we had has gone away

        i'm glad i wasn't your first

        just in case i was your worst

         then again from what i've heard

        it would have to have been from birth

      the mist of it i still remember

      warming up in the  backseat late December

      what turned you gay was it me

       or were  you  just a child

        not knowing what to believe

        so you spent your life in denial

      if you think this poem is about you

        it probably is are you a guy or a girl

           just wondering which lifestyle you live

      its not about one confused in the closet

            its about everyone whose being bothered

     and laughed at on Howard Stern

     if you were friends to him

     give it time to heal  you will be again

     if he can be friends with Richard Simmons

       then he's forging the lifestyle your living

    For those of you who can't find the door to the closet

 break it down be proud make a stand and holler

or stay in the closet be scared and don't bother

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