Sunday, August 30, 2015


                           i'm a zombie

                         do you know

                         have you seen

                        places  where I go

                        everything in between

                     half zombie half me

                          would you hold

                         if you knew

                        or would you blow me into

                        I can't explain the life i've lead

                       i'm  walking inside i'm dead

                        but I can feel i'm alive

                       sleep all day

                         and feed at night

                        i'm not a zombie

                  who drinks your blood

                  just a zombie looking for love

                   am I dead and not aware

                     can people see me

                    do they even know i'm there

                      if they could would they care

                       will i find a zombie

                     who feels the same as me

                         or will i leave this world

                       the same way I came in

                      start tomorrow over again

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