Sunday, April 26, 2015


she stood at the top of the stairs crying

 your becoming your father

i'm thinking cool I love that man

now shes gone it took me 30 years to understand

I have an addictive personality

i'm addicted to everything bad is my reality

don't be sad i'll be ok i'll be me again some day

assume the risk there's no humility

i'm still the man i used to be

look close inside of me

there's a hole that you can see' through
there's a light at the end where i can live my life again

there's a place i can go

to talk to people wow! finally someone who knows

now you need to tell someone you hit rock bottom

there's a group where you can tell them your problem

 they been there but you don't know where you are

maybe this has gone to far

but your living your life inside this bubble

you know it''s no good and your headed for trouble

we're hear to listen not now don't talk just make a decision

is your life out of control have you hurt everyone you know

stole pawned and done everything beyond

then it's for you to hear this story of mine

how i made her cry . i was F'' UP and it hurt i'm not gonna lie

she never forgave me it was never the same between her and I

there's nothing in the world than losing your soul mate

and if I didn't hurt her would we still be together today

it took till ten minutes ago yo figure that out

I now have figured out what y purpose in life is all about

everyone i ever loved i shit

it's my own affliction that i never had a son

how could i put him through what i have done

i can't blame no one for what i've done

i don't remember the day it all begun

when your high everyday is the same

you feel this disaster and a wall of shame

and don't count me out i'll be back again

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