Friday, June 20, 2014


where you at, where did you go,why do you treat me this way, what for

 , your walking in and out of my door, baby come home, I can't take it no more

 I promise to do what ever you want! tell me what I can do or what I can't

 why are you acting like this, why is this funny to you,why do you treat me this way, with everything

 you put me through thats all you can say

  you think your the one! your so cold there isn't a thing about me that you don't know! just come

home!  when are you gonna call! having you home is better than nothing at all

          tell me where you're at! you hang up every time I call, if your gonna treat me this bad then

don't treat me at all

 you don't love me at all!! your so cold and heartless! you say you no longer care baby come home!

You talk about me to all your friends ! you tell me thats it's over,  it's the end leave me alone!your

 not the only one I know things that you do and I can say that to you too

I know the things that i've done! your so heartless is their someone

 baby come home I can see the end there's things I can say to!is this a front or part of you

baby come home i'll take you back again i'll leave all the lights on, till the last one is done

   I hear it's over what should I do is it over, tell me it's not true, baby come home I just wanna be with

 you  all that we've been through, baby come home!!

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