Monday, June 23, 2014



            I've had many sad moments which has made me who I've become, you could always see through me

           So I must chose now make amends for everything I've done, to see darkness is to never see the sun

           Through the years I always seem to disappoint and let you down with all the shit I have done

          I’m not a perfect person, I have a hard enough time being me with everything I've put you through

          I hope you know, I meant to be a better son, a one who rebuilds bridges that I spent my life to burn

         And my life’s events are about to turn, even though you are no longer around, I can see your look of
         I’m using all that you taught me and everything I've learned, to all the I become in the future

         I call to you by shouting out at the clouds, I raise my head and look up where I see you through the cloud rings
       I blinked twice at the sun from the glare of the shine, the sun blinks back, so bright it can turn me blind

      Am I sensitive to light, is my vision growing dim, is this part of life, everyone loses their functions in time

     We had this bond where we spoke every day, but lately the lights growing dimmer each day
     So I go back to what I know, up the bible, drop to your knees, best way to communicate today, just pray


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