Thursday, June 19, 2014


 who are you

                        black is white and day is night, live our lives that are true and right

                       we travel through our lives wondering who we are

                       looking for our destination, where it is never knowing just how far

                       if you knew what was on the other side, would you still be willing to take that ride

                       what road would you take, if  both roads ended  at the bottom of the lake

                       are you willing to die for a brother, in a horrible way,or would you turn and walk away

                       have you gone everywhere you wanted to go, or do you know everything you wanted to know

                       if the road you have taken has come to an end, would you find yourself on that same road again

                       do you regret things from your past, will you finally put an end to all  your regrets at last

                       if you could be anyone else, would you be a superstar, or are you happy with who you are

                       if you had a chance to trade a life with a dying child, at least think about it for awhile

                       do you have dignity for the ones around you, or are you the the only one that you are true to

                       if you had a chance to become another race, which color would now be called your face

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