Monday, July 20, 2015


                         i'm not bitter the way you act

                          I am no quitter but I don't want you back

                          so stop the twitter i wont react

                         find another friend who can socially adapt

                         research yourself on wiki if need be

                        you tell your friends I want you back

                        girl your crazy and you make me laugh

                        so next time you tweet

                        think before you send

                       cause your so called friends

                       may not be your friends again

                       I tried but i'm so bitter all the trash you talk

                        using Facebook and saying it's my fault

                I don't need you I got hundreds of friends i've never met

                       I don't know everything

                      but I do know your one friend I wish i could forget

                       i'm so bitter with social media

                       wish things were the way they were

               if you wanted to dump her you wouldn't answer the door

                       when she called you'd hit ignore

                        but now your in my face 24 different ways

                       and what you put on the internet always stays

                        in the heat of the fingers you can't take it away

                       most things said you didn't mean to say

        so stop your tweeting you sound like Huey over eating

                     if someone doesn't know you they'll start believing

                     it cuts so deep that it never stops bleeding

                     all this hatred is just not needed

                    alls it takes is for one to believe you

                     i don't even know you I've never even met

                     but your the one I wish I could forget

                    stalking forever trash talking

        all because I confided in a  now I wish I would have accepted

                     when does it end even if I delete you

    i'll forever see you,i'm telling everyone I know don't believe you

                  now my so called friend is gone

                   trash talking was kind of fun

                  i'm still bitter maybe she wasn't the one

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