Tuesday, July 14, 2015


      shes got his baby blue eyes

      you can see his dimples when she smiles

     from the moment she left his arms

    a bond a promise she'll never be harmed

    a promise he kept  from that moment on

   until the demon attacked within

    remembering the promise over and over again

   her cancers  coming through the skin

 it's not fair to live a life she never chose

 and her first kiss she might never know

  how can a little princess with a heart of gold

  never get to see eight years old

 a decease thats gone from 0 to stage four

  i drop to my knees and pray to god

  if you knew her you wouldn't take her from us

    i'd give my life for hers

 just so she could go back to the way things were

 here is my dream for make a wish

 stop the chemo and make the pain go away

 I know it's life and it is what it is she never got to live

 it was a miracle a dream come true

   he took the pain away and gave the cancer to me

   and i watched as the angels came to take me away

   thinking back that was my greatest day

    as a parent to take your kids pain away

    it's been twenty years since that day

    and it hurt to watch another man give my baby away

    he was the dad he didn't have to be

    kind of strange how 20 years seems like a day

    and i never regretted a day

       just to see your first kiss, and the life you got to live

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