Monday, July 13, 2015


                                            hello gain
                              i still remember that first look on your face

                            the shape of your lips the things you say

                             it makes me laugh, when i think of you

                          the smile that helped the day through

'                       man! that day you blew my world away

                  i still remember the nights and those games we played

                         i can hear you yell out uno  as clear as day

                         even though your a million miles away

                         hello again I miss my friend

                         just wondering how you have been

                         i love the way you said the words you say

                         helps me make it another day

                         i can feel your touch like it was yesterday

                         why did you move so far away

                         you promised me many more days

                         now your lies are a million miles away

                        hello again I still pretend

                        i pretend you never went away

                        and night never turns to day

                                 if it's not surreal

                      then your not a million miles away

                     and you never broke the promise you made that day

                      so if that makes seem insane

                      watching the candle burn down on my favorite flame

                      then being insane aint so bad

                      it's a decease im glad to have

                   good bye my friend this flame has burned to thee end

                      and the memories are glowing further apart

                      but your flame will always grow inside my heart

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