Thursday, April 9, 2015


each and everyday I take  one day at a time

the life i've been living is not mine

i've been so sick,this addictions so hard to kick

can't remember the last time I stood alone

I hit rock bottom suddenly i'm six feet under

I ask you to let me die,I feel a tear fall from the sky

you never looked down on me you never ask why

a knife appears in my hand

is this recovery or thee end

 I can't break this spell i'm under

if I don't want to end up dead I better recover

there's a new world out there everyday I discover

the worlds different than it used to be

or was I to high to see,popping pills so I don't have to be me

you lifted me off the floor

if I wanna recover I must go through this door

i'm not going to lie,it's a long road ahead

at time you'll wish you were dead

each day becomes more clear

you remember the reason your here

NA meetings gives my life meaning

a reason to recover for yourself and no other

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