Saturday, April 25, 2015


life on the rocks

being bullied by the tough guys

they think their some super jocks

they only bully you cause their life suck

your so much more

and the ones that love you will always adore

when life's on the rocks

get off the floor

so you find yourself addicted

and the decision to live has become conflicted

kick this affliction and get off the ground

cause your families no good when your not around

lifes on the rocks

hes cheating still not home at 12 o clock

don't stress your not alone

at some point hes gotta come home

so you put the gun to your head

but you know your children can't find you dead

now for some comes the end

 giving in to life on the rocks

there you go looking down at yourself lying dead

and everything you know

walking by shaking their heads

what a waste they talk will there be good things said

will you leave this world and go to the next

now you want to live

life on the rocks you want to fix

and now your stuck between life and death

there's no suicide in heaven

god ask you how many people you hurt

by causing your death

if you could count more than seven

so remember when life's on the rocks

is a reason but just not enough

rather you been bullied or plagued by addiction

whatever your affliction is no reason

 no matter your depression caused by the  sad seasons

if you lose to life on the rocks

heaven will not answer your knock

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