Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I’ll never get over you

It’s never been the same

Ill never get over you

 I know i'm to blame

Since the day you walked away

have I burned out inside the flame

You said there’s nothing left to say

can't you stop playing this game

holding your heart inside my head

is  driving me insane

our friends tell me they seen you the other day

 smiling in the arms of another man

since your gone i'm nothing but all alone

without you hear the sun doesn't rise

 I’ll never understand why you said goodbye

and I called you the other day

you couldn't even answer the phone

I guess there's nothing left to say

 my heart is broke it can't take these games you play

this isn't who you are

Ill never get over you

when you left my world fell apart

I tried so hard but i'll never forget

your something that I must admit

 that I love you as much as the day we met

I’ll never get over you

I still feel  the moment you left

I remember the last thing you said

You couldn't say it to my face

I guess our love was a lie you lead

I remember goodbye in the letter I read

it's not what you said

Its what you didn't say

when the day comes to an end

I'd take you back again

I hear now you got four kids and a trailer

I thought I’d feel better you ended up with a failure

ending up with some broke down sailor

it's something you said you'd never do

then again you said I'd always be with you

with all  the hell you put me through

I still can't get over you

I’d give my life

 if you called me up today

and go  go through it all again

even after 30 years  I still feel the pain

i'll never get over you

and all the time we spent

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