Thursday, June 25, 2015


                           BACK TO WHERE I BELONG
                       or were you there all along

                    I made love when i was young

                     years have gone by and my time has come

                     making love to you is like painting a Birmingham

                      thinking back to how we made love

                     the fantasy is far better than I ever was

                     what I see in you the world doesn't understand

                      in your arms I'm shaking and I can barely stand

                        me without you is like taking kryptinite from superman

                       there's so few words to say, i'm nothing without you

                         my heart beating so fast! then you take my breath away

                           hoping this ride home to eternity never ends

                              so god will bring you back to my arms again

                        your the middle of my heart like an apple core

                           I love you more than the day before

                            up all night wondering where you could be

                                so i'm calling all night on the phone

                                    pouring my heart out to you

                                      til the mornings dawn, then I fall a sleep

                                     you were there all along, lying next to me

                                      and if tomorrow never came

                                         did you say I love you, and without you

                                          I don't want to live another day

                                           would you be standing at heavens gate

                                            or would you forget about me and walk away

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