Friday, January 9, 2015


In another world

You were a different girl

I care for you

There’s nothing I wouldn't do

I’m going to be there for you

Through thick and thin

I’d give it all up for you

 To the bitter end

I’ll carry you

From the ends of the earth

To get you back to the way you were

Giving a chance I’d do it again

Baby doll, hold your head up now

And let your heart unwind

Hang in there girl just give it some time

Do you remember back when?

 When you fell to the ground

I picked you up

Cause I’ll never let you down

No matter where you are

Day to day and Time to time

Where your gone and just how far

I got yours and you got mine

Baby doll, hold your head up now

Only your heart can find

A love true as mine

Hang in there girl

 And the truth you’ll find

you are my world

 That Anywhere you go

Anything you’ll see

 You’ll never find A love so true

Are you in love with me

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