Wednesday, January 7, 2015


You remember hanging with me and tony

You were so scared you cried out for mommy

We snuck out at the brisk of dawn

And we got grounded for life

When our parents found out we were gone

Upon a treasure hunt at miller cave and beyond

The only thing we caught was poison ivy

It was contagious you gave it to me

The three of us stuck out like a sore thumb

When you’re young everything we done was dumb

But after all we never hurt anyone

Me and tony both had a crush on you

And I still can’t believe some of the things we used to do

You picked tony I knew I never had a chance with you

Tony had the look that all the girls liked

He broke a different ones heart every night

I picked up the pieces as they fall

You were the hardest piece of them all

I know you loved him through it all

But Tony was Tony and it never came up again

He broke her heart, and let me down

And should have never let this begin

He knew I loved her that’s why he let her go

But she didn’t love me that he didn’t know

I never told her that’s why he moved on

But in reality he was her one and only

She moved away because her dad got a job

But I know it was because she had a crazy uncle named BOB

Who got to friendly with the younger kids?

I seen her a couple years later again

When the painful day Tony’s life came to an end

So I came clean so she can forgive, and lay him to rest

30 years later I was contacted by her on face book

She doesn’t look like she aged a day

And we met at his tombstone

And lowered our heads and prayed

Now she’s a grandmother with a swing on the porch

Watching the children play passing the torch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you were the third then you would have been left too

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