Friday, January 30, 2015


 Where were you when I hit rock bottom

Falling to the ground, I’m crying out loud

Where were you because you were never around?

You say you love me and care what happens

How can you when it all starts with understanding

Where were you when I wanted to take my life?

Couldn't you hear me, I called for you night after night

Like a  so called friend your  nowhere to be found

Where were you when she left me in the cold?

Are we really friends? if the story had to be told

but when you’re in a jam  now I’m your BFF forever

When you need me is the only time we get together

I stand outside your home calling your number

I ask for your help because I've hit rock bottom

And you say you wish you could help me

 But you’re out of state down in Stockton

And you get the hang in there I’m praying for you

And by the way any chance you 100 I can barrow

I’m really in a bind and if you said yes how he miraculously

Made it back home in an hour, but still can’t help you maybe next time

Where were you when they passed out real friends?

A one who would give everything and be there in the end

Everyone needs a BFF is there any truly left

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