Wednesday, January 7, 2015


After all this time

Do you still love this heart of mine

Can your heart find me in time

Am I the one you’re thinking of?

Do you ever feel the need?

To be holding next to me

Do you ever see?

Yourself loving me

You’ve built this stone wall

 Do you answer when I call

That’s kept you from me

I can hear your heart sing

Like it never did with him

Does he make you laugh?

Or wipe the tears, when you cry

It’s never over without goodbye

 Or Am I the reason why?

 When you hear my voice you start to cry

Am I the reason why

You never could say  goodbye

My heart is calling you

I want to love you like I used to

Do you love me still after all

And ever will

Your tears are calling me

Do I remind you who you used to be

And you know who I was

And you still loved me just because

Is my love more than him

Can you love me again?

 He can’t love you like a I do

After all I put you through

My love was always true

That was then and this is now

And I love you after all

 I hear your heart call to mine

I’m the one you left behind

The love you need to find

And I love you more than him

And I wouldn’t change a thing

Even if you wanted him

I don’t regret one moment

I’d love you all over again

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