Saturday, January 31, 2015


I look up to the ceiling and the worlds spinning around

I’m screaming for your voice but there’s not a sound

Can’t sit still can’t sit down, I’m out of place

Like the sadness of a scared clown from outer space

Where can I be how can I belong,

Feeling like a punch line in some crazy song

Where am I at why am I here, people walk through me

Like I’m not even here, they can see right through me

I’m a door mat in a world of fear, can I be normal can I be sane

Why can’t I find the way back to that guy again,who I used to be

Back to the time when I was so proud of me

the Choices I made so long ago have taken me away from the man i used to be who I am I i'm no longer me

I wonder can people see me or am I already gone

maybe thats why i'm barely moving along

time means nothing to me just a tick of the clock

what am I waiting for , could it be that final knock

I feel myself coming closer to reaching that other world

and when we get there can we still be who we were

how will we know when our day comes

or are some of us already done

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