Sunday, June 21, 2015


will i be the one you began to remember

watching as everything you loved

gone by 8:42 on September morning

as for everything i believed in gone without a warning

each and every race were blown off it's face on earth

everything you stood for came down to a single word

when the towers fells I swear I could hear you scream

it could be heard around the world

until I realized the one screaming was me

picking up the pieces one memory at a time

if I only had a clue i'd change the hands of time

who knew that would be our last goodbye

i still see the pain on your face

that morning when i made you cry

your tired of all my alibi's and my lying eyes

i can never take back the day i made you cry

I remember your last words

do you love I replied NO! then why

the last word why with tears falling down your face

fourteen years later you are the one I still remember

everyday I wake up at 8:42 and i see your face next to mine

then I wipe my eyes it was the illusion of me crying

I've never found love again or the feel of another woman

you were my first flame and you'll be my last

my heart will never begrudge all the pain that I've cost you

and i know you'll understand why i can never love again

i'm hopelessly in love with you

they talk about everyone who died in the building

what about those who were in the plane 

who will never be recognized again

a flame that no longer burns through turned to ashes

and I know everyone has to pay the cost

whose sins is she paying for

is it mine or all the ones who have died before

everyday i get up and remember

I love her more than the day before

and i'll never lose her love again

the fame burns out to early

will the memories will last forever

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