Thursday, June 25, 2015


                      who's lonely now

                      when each tear drop falls

                       who'll be the one

                      when you come to call

                     you don't mean to hurt me

                     it's just the way you are

                    I give my all with open arms

                    just can't turn back now

                     i've come to far

                     i'm just starting to realize

                     who the hell you are

                      am i'm sure it's right back at me

                      no i'm not this time

                      I think i've pushed you to far

                      i'm just a lonely guy living

                      in a lonely world

                     i'm crying in side

                     for another lonely child

                      just another kid

                      who fights the world

                      to become who he is

                      and if you leave me now

                      you'll lose the best part of me

                     which is the part of you

                     I just can't get over

                     then and now

                     i'll get better someday somehow

                     but not today

                     i'm thinking of you when I got nothing left to say

                     who's lonely now again someday somehow

                     I am! i'm my favorite part of you

                     is who I am and who'll i'll ever be

                    just tell me once your lost without me

                    everything I was is who I used to be

                     and i'm thinking of you my friend

                    day after day!time after time! again and again

                   who's lonely now is who we are

                   and what we've done, we've come to far

                   if you leave me now your the biggest heart in me

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