Tuesday, June 23, 2015


                             life is a  passion that's dwelling down so fast

                             a burning flame that just wont last

                             loving her is the game, and i want to play it

                             all over again, and you broke my heart

                             sometimes the pain is to much to bare

                             when you find out she doesn't care

                             why does it always come down to this

                             in the end it's all the same

                            all over again we begin to PLAY!

                             this thing they call  the game

                             playing the game from end to start

                             playing the game is  who we are

                              we're playing the game   every other night

                         playing this game is wrong, alls we ever do is fight

                              but I play along playing the game

                              never knowing the score

                          playing this game tonight i'd never played before

                              and playing the game all night and up til four

                               playing the game, and playing it right

                               can't take the pain tonight  anymore

                               if I stop playing the game will begin the fight

                              it's all about you like it was before

                             so I stopped playing the game

                             and she walked out the door

                              turned around and tried to walk back in

                         I changed the locks i'll never play that game again

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