Monday, June 22, 2015


   she's bold as the winters day

  staring at the walls, all through the night

those  eyes cold as ice she's got nothing left to s

it's not her fault everything i've put her through

 don't blame her life turned her that way

 I walked all over her, and cheated day after day

 i was so bold,i didn't hide it and i threw it in her face

 you'd be cold too, if life turned you that way

 and walked on you , and told you so many alibi's

 f you've been through what she's been through

you to would have nothing left to say

 if life beat you down the way it beat her down

and i'm sorry to say the last boot was mine

when I met her she was so gentle and kind

 and when you step over her you'll notice

  she was walked on so many times

  so don't hate her, she's not to blame

  I've hurt her so many times,life turned her that way

  I too treated her so bad, and when I was through

  I walked away like so many guys before

 as she lays there and this time forward

 she won't be treated bad or walked on anymore

 and now she's an angel life turned her that way

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