Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Is that you GOD, knocking at my door

Can you give me a few minutes a few minutes more?

To tell my family what they mean to me

And without them who knows who I’d be

What’s that!! Take my time, thank you

It seems you stopped over quite earlier than I thought

There's never enough time to count the cost

and When we die with regrets  all is lost

I’m not a selfish man I know I owe my life to you

It scares me so much to know my time here is done

So now you know there are so many things you could have done

You never had enough time to become someone

And I know me too! I said I’d do it tomorrow

As we learn late in life tomorrow never comes

And today goes on and on

I don’t regret the short time left

And you came personally to bring me home

Maybe because you didn't want me to die alone

So when you get a knock at the door

Man up! Because you never know what lye’s next door

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