Sunday, November 30, 2014


A broken promise is a violation of trust to be unanimous,

I thought I seen you for a second, then realized I didn't

Everything I've done to you, never can be forgiving

I’m going through the stages of life, day by day

The life I’m no longer living, why can’t I just walk away

And cut my loses, maybe it’s all those lines that I’ve crossed

Remembering back when you appeared in mist from that stormy dew

The night I met you in a cocktail bar, it took all I can do

You were standing there all alone, that much was true

All the best times in my life, don’t add up to the nights with you

Like the ones when I’m holding you near, on a night with the sky so clear

Then came the night that I tore that all apart

Risk everything without a reason, I broke your heart, a broken ring

The ring was a broken bond, back when we breathed as one

I didn’t love her, she didn’t mean a thing, don’t recall her name
Just a stupid fling, if I could change the hands of time, I’d never do it again

If it takes my whole life, I’ll do what ever it takes, everything I can to fix my mistakes

All the pain that I've put you through, I will not rest till I find my way back to you

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