Wednesday, November 26, 2014


              THIS TIME
You can go through life pretending everything’s alright

Acting a fool I think I’m going crazy and starting fights

 But somehow find your way back to me! Not this time

So you say, and someday you’ll realize I’m here to stay

Then maybe you can see through all this trouble and break away

You say!  What the hell are you thinking! Some night! No not this time

You start to cry! What should I do? Should I cry to! So I just hold you

 I just want is to love you! Then you say those words to me! Not this time

They cut right through till the words hurt from you, then you throw salt on my pain

Some night! No not this time, breaks my heart, never again say a thing

I walk to remember! How we met on that cold September

 This time! Your gone, I know this time, it’s in the sound of your voice

Sleep on it, think awhile before you make this choice you’re hurting me, but it seems!

You know this isn't right, I miss baby I’m all alone, can’t we give it a try

Are we really that far gone! Girl I really think you’re wrong! This time

It will be different I promise! I’ll do what you want I’ll follow what you say

Tell me who you want me to be! All the things that bothers you about me

Come on! This time I’ll make a change I’ll be the man you want I know I can

This time! Your eyes will light up when I walk in a room! Without you I’m doomed

I’ll change the way that you see! So much! You’ll realize you can’t live without me

This time! You’ll see I’m yours and your mine, it’s going to work this time!!

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