Thursday, November 20, 2014


             PLAY ON! SON  PLAY ON!
Play on to a game you can’t win

Play on you can’t wait to play this game again

Play on is for play on the court

You play so hard, your breathing is distort 

Plow forward, play on do your best

Have you become a man this is your test

So when they believe they can fly

 You get up stand ground knock that shit out of the sky

Never second guess why you play on you know why

You’re the king of your sport you are the guy

So if you played on in anything to mention

 Go through life with only your best intentions

You play on that jerk from work

It’s like laying down getting dunked on

Can’t happen in your world, the punk never gets the girl

So when the bullies come to bring you disgrace

Play on, bring level up it’s a game you must face

If you don’t they’ll play on your everyday

Sometimes you just can’t walk away

True what they say blood in blood out

Get the bully before you get got

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