Saturday, November 15, 2014


I hate when life gets to me some times

Is there anything left in life to find?

Watching and wondering why day turns to night

Life is painful sometimes I wonder is it worth the fight

The agony, drained of all my will, I fight through it still

An end to all that ale’s, giving in is a boat that won’t sail

To end all of my dreams of having what everyone else has

Wasn't in the cards I see, god had other intentions for me

God help me if all the good I've done in life is not good enough

Please have compassion for me in hell, only time will tell

Life is hard choices are tough, to leave now is all because

Because suicide is for cowards, leaving when times get rough

Is no solution it’s a crime and your sentence is execution

So live through the pain like the rest No one’s perfect just do your best

The moral is live through the pain in life, so you can live another night

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