Monday, November 3, 2014


                      SOMEDAY, NOT TODAY

           I tried to tell you I love you, but you say I’m not being fair

           I call out for your sad eyes crying, but you’re no longer there

          I miss you’re soft touch, you’re sweet affection is no longer enough

 Even a stranger knows it’s over, why must you hurt this way

Where ever it went wrong I just couldn't say, for a guy who knows it has to be over

I truly understand, but why did it have to end this way, deep down somehow you care

 I no longer feel the same, for one to admit it’s over, no ones to blame

Please don’t think of me this way, just turn and say goodbye

Somehow there will be another day, maybe we’ll meet again someday, but not today

You know when it’s over, when there’s nothing left to say. It’s over don’t cry

Don’t make me say goodbye, it’s over, sad eyes, I couldn't love you but I tried

Someday you’ll be over and no longer cry, you’ll forget about me and not know why

Sometime things for you will get better, you will grow out of it like a bed wetter

I’m just a phase that you despise and someday I’ll no longer be the reason why

 It’s over ,this is goodbye, it’s over it no longer matters why, it’s over maybe next time

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