Saturday, November 1, 2014


It all started after graduation ceremony. I stood at the podium as my runny skate buddies were howling, sounding like a pack of wolves at midnight. We were crazy as four buddies can be the graduation was a sign that this wolf pack were foaming at the mouth like a dog with decease. We were not alone Budweiser turning to foam. A night every parents dread four crazy dudes who are on the loose. Johnny losing a four year bet that Rick (me) wouldn’t graduate, for sure this is one bet that john to this day I’m sure he regrets. Skating through Plainfield Street during rush-hour in women’s panties (ok embarrassing maybe but not the worst part of the night)
          We met at Eddies house in Rockford drinking down and getting ready for the night none of us will forget( before I get into details so things got out of hands and ended the night of the wolf. As this is a true story if anyone got hurt or was effected that night on behalf of the 4 dawgs) Time has rising to 6:45 I called up Audrey who was going steady with my best friend Eddie, Audrey agreed to meet me in the woods next to playfield rink (one of the biggest mistakes I ever made) Eddie seen us come out of the woods (I didn’t know he knew) we all met up at rink at 7. Jim the floor guard shook his head as he knew we were drunk, maybe tripping each other into the wall was a good sign. The stud of the 4 dawgs Johnny always has at least five different girls he makes out with. While our night of skating was drawing to an end Eddie sucker punched me from behind we went at it pretty good. After about fifteen minutes we called a truce and were told to leave (we were suspended from skating for 30 days, it will take that long to sober up)
            The first thing we do is head to Walgreens and buy some condoms( we got lucky we found a drunk to buy us beer and alcohol(like we needed more) so we filled all the condoms with beer (or piss I’ll never tell lol) we threw it at cars as they drove up and got out of cars at McDonalds, then a couple deputies confronted me Johnny and Eddie about the condom throwing  then from no ware Dave (the wolf man jack of the pack)hits the deputies in the face with the fluid filled condoms. We all bolted we were chased all through Plainfield trying to evade the deputies we cut through Fred’s pizza ( my vision was not as well as I thought) Fred’s boy Antonio comes out (he was a good friend of ours) signaled us to head through the back as we are back on Plainfield deputies not far behind. Then from now are the front end of my car drops to the floor and sets on fire (we all got away safe) eluding through Arbor Antics. The deputies surround Arbor Antics thinking that they have caught us (but we have slipped out back into the woods)
         Eddie found a broken hole in the fence at the Plainfield drive in (still Eddie wouldn’t talk to me, and to this day he has yet to speak with me, even though him and Audrey are married with children) OMG!!!! One of Dave’s cousins who goes to northview too was there with Michelle Kelley from Rockford (Michelle was working to become a model back then that never happened) There a graduation kegger party up in Rockford at midnight. So we rode with Ethan Dave’s cousin, this is where we got our second wind and party again till the end. Then I glanced over there she was Ann I have spent the last four years trying to avoid her( I couldn’t blow her off cause I wanted to get together with her friend Lynn, Ann was not appealing but she hung out with all the really hot women) I guess that’s why she always gets invited to the parties.
          The clock has struck 4 am with my car broken down again we were stranded. Thanks to the art of Johnny stud he got us a ride to start our own party at the Presidents inn on Plainfield as we are heading to hotel everyone pared up (Eddie being mad he pared me with a girl well I have no proof it was a woman and I did not want to know) So I acted as though I was passed out (which I have used this method many times before for women who are even a 2 at 2, no alcohol is enough to make her hot, like coyote ugly where you shoot yourself so you don’t have to wake up to her in morning) where did it go wrong she didn’t back off from me being passed out, she didn’t care she was making out with my nearly dead body, until she grabbed my junk yes I’m sorry (Eddie I made a mistake cheating with your girl, but I could rape your sister and still wouldn’t deserve this) We arrived at the hotel and thing get way out of hand (Johnny what were you thinking there prostitutes and we’re broke) they call their pimp and we scuffle they are chasing us down the hallways with guns (I thought my life was over that night, and we said things to each other we didn’t mean (after that night the 4 dawgs never talked again) after Deputies sorted out the confusing we were arrested for fleeing the scenes destruction ( Fred’s pizza will never look the same again tearing down their stairs ) The greatest and yet worst night of my life I almost died several times. Now 33 years later and Plainfield skating center is gone and sometimes I go to goodwill and hang out in the corner and pretend the four dawgs are high fiving each other telling stories and laughing at one another.
                            A true story of my Graduation night (it happened to be one month after my best friend accidentally drowned and I believe it had an impact on how that night panned out)

                       By Rick McDonnell

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