Sunday, November 2, 2014


                LIFE IS WHAT WE DECIDE

I fear your worst nightmare is coming alive

 These are decisions in our life we must always decide

 You see everything from where you are, how you’ve become

 Knowing who you are? Or are you just someone

 One truth becomes spoken through the words you say

 And how you speak, we speak these words everyday

 What almost happened to you are beyond any words I can ever say

It only takes just one wrong turn it’s how life dictates my deepest concerns

 Each night you lay down to sleep, the nightmares from the past are all you see

Decisions you made in the past, decides who you will become

 Peace at last, for with the findings of the inner self of one

But not for all will this path become, it’s no longer your decision what’s done is done

 Like a falling sun, once a soul has turn to falling, it must never hit the floor

 For if it does it will be your soul no more,

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