Thursday, November 27, 2014


          ME AGAIN!

Who’s life am I living,to sacrifice upon the dead is to be never forgiving

I know this place spaced is a world that isn't mine, over time I watch the hands move slowly

as I am waiting for a singletary  chance to change the hands of time

Ticking of the clock to unwind, stairing at the wall day after day

Time stops moving, I’m in a state of mind, lost in my own provision

Time to time, I search the world from beyond, for the simplest of signs

A curious dot on the wall of some kind, something to spark the hands of time

Then the times you feel like a cowboy, in a world before his time

I’m a lonely rebel in a space that’s not mine, the coarse side of the wall Cuts my skin deeper than all

 makes me quietly cry  as the coarse of the wall turns my skin terminusly  dry,a feeling of oblivious

 without a reason why, a loss of direction , a sense of apathy I haven't experience since a child

inside i'm a hopeless romantic waiting to get out, can I ever be me,and remembering the compassion I

 used to see, searching for the sparkle of life that used to be inside of me

I slowly find myself crawling tenuously out of my skin, I stand alone wondering

When will I ever crawl back into my own skin again?

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