Thursday, November 20, 2014



     Dreams through time seem to come and go

    The dreams in my mind, some I’ll never know

    Dreams are made up of daily events

   My dreams are some of the best times I've spent

   In my dreams is where I can hang out with my mother& father

   And in the morning it’s over, but it’s in my mind forever

  In my dreams sometimes I can fly, and I can touch the sky

 Then I wake up tired, feeling old then remembering why

Unlike my dreams of a life I let pass by

It’s time to realize I’m just an ordinary guy

There’s nothing wrong with being ordinary

And that makes my dreams become extraordinary

In my dreams is the place where I find fait

The only place I find happiness with a soul mate

Does that mean me and my soul mate will met 

Someday our paths will cross in eternity



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