Thursday, November 20, 2014


             CAUGHT UP
I busted through your door, bitch is where my money

What do you mean you’re not a ATM store

You think this shit funny because you impress your honey

Who you think you is, I had that bitch last night

She’s lazy as hell, she don’t even do a brother right

Let’s get back to the money you owe

Don’t ever disrespect me in front of this hoe

You got 24 hours to come up with my digits

Or I’ll hit you so hard you’ll come out of your bridges

Don’t look at me like I lost my mind

Cause your bodies’ one thing they’ll never find

Call it what you want, say what you will

You aint shit to me, just another MF I killed

I aint cussing cause kids in the room

When I’m done, you’ll be one of the fruit of the looms

Now you got me all jacked, and I missed my tunes

Now clocks ticking down to zero, see you soon,hero!

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