Thursday, August 21, 2014


                          Am I mostly nuts? Or is this all about trust?

                         I sit across from my family, it hits me I realize

                         I no longer know anything about them

                        So I stare at the sky wondering who these strangers are

                          Will they hurt me? How well do I know them is my life in danger?

                          So I slither under my bed, on the rail I hit my head so I lock my door

                         Or am I the stranger? Can they hear me? Are they infa red?

                          Have I said too much I have to give in so point to build this trust?

                          Can they crawl under the door can they hear me through the floor?

                       I can hear then squeeze through the wall

                        Am I the only one who hears the death call?

                        Or have the sounds I’m hearing my own?

                        Oh! Shit this whole time it was my phone


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