Sunday, August 24, 2014


                                      True lions legend, when were down we get back up again

                                      a true lions fan cuts and bleeds the maze and blue

                                     a lion is a super fan no matter win or lose nothing they won’t do

                                    Seeing megatrone reaching for the sky. Now I believe he can fly

                                  He reaching for the ball and touching the sky, megatrones a hero to you and I

                                 Lions increased the power through their draft day and trading for a free agent

                              And for all of you lions unfans who don’t believe, the jokes on you wait and see

                              Stafford throws through the black hole to the megatrone in the end zone it’s on

                             Lion legends have come and gone, but Barry Sanders number 20 stands alone

                          Watches our lions win or lose unlike a fare weather fan that picks and choose

                         The megatrone is a superhero off and on, all the kids wear eighty- one

                         Send this poem to the end is lion’s real legend Jason Hanson, last but not least

                          Chris speilman was always on television during thanksgivings NFL gameathon

                          These were all lions great who have changed the NFL’s future fait


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