Wednesday, August 20, 2014


                                 Plainfield skating with strangers, another night of danger

                                 Skating in the dark the only sight is another stranger’s voice

                                   Moonlight skating is a challenge a stranger till ladies choice

                                  Speed skaters second wind fly by strangers in full thrust

                                   The fear of getting run over ends in the hands of a strangers trust

                                   While the rest of the strangers listen to another one bites the dust

                                   Hitting high score galaga hopped up on coke and pizza grease

                                  Zig sagging through skating strangers being chased by floor police

                                  strangers Thrown in the penalty box time stops when they watch the clock

                                    Buzzer sounds penalty time ends catching up with their new friends begin

                                So three hours have come to an end wishing you could skate with new friends again

                                  The gang makes plans to hang out after skating kissing in back or double dating

                                   Oh no! Here come some jokers getting shot at with beer filler super soakers

                                   To retaliate the ones without a gun, filled with water and accuracy are condoms

                                   At midnight we all meet a McDonald's, heading to the north park party at Ronald’s

                                     Cops come when things turn bad, but not worse than when they call your dad


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