Thursday, August 21, 2014


                                        Nobody wins the blame game, hang an innocent man is a shame

                                        I stood in the protest for mike brown

                                        Till everyone started looting and let me down

                                       My thoughts have change about how he was shot

                                      Maybe mike browns not as innocent as I thought

                                      I can’t go against a man in fear for his life

                                     Because Al Sharpton turn this into civil rights

                                     I’m sorry but I need more evidence than the cop is white

                                     This is not a game if he’s found guilty this could be his life

                                     Don’t get me wrong if he killed mike brown in cold blood

                                     I’ll bury him myself six foot under every bullet one foot of mud

                                     But let’s not find Darin Wilson guilty because the color of his skin or race

                                     Under Neath were all the same, so make sure he did it before we lye the blame


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