Tuesday, August 26, 2014


                                 Soul to soul, in the end we both hit the floor

                                 I see you cradle then I see you fall

                                 I call out for you for but you don’t answer

                                No answer at all, so I fall to my knees in disappear

                                  I just want you to know I’m there, I just hold you tight

                               As I looked to wear you laid, lays a silver shine blade

                                I pick it up across my throat, your no longer going to be alone

                               I feel your soul hold me close, it’s my heart that you stole

                                Bloods leaking out, I’m froze, cold and I can’t shout

                                 I feel my arms pulling my soul, not wanting to let go

                                 I make one last reach your hand to me, I know it’s time to go

                                    No more roads to cross together our lives on earth are lost

                                    As we float away our souls, there tagging our toes


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