Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It only hurts when I breathe am I getting over you, are you getting over me

You were with me way before him, someday you will be with me again

For every now and then it was over way before it began

The only time I miss you is everyday you’re not with me

Am I over you or am I just getting used to the pain

Every day I head into work trying not to think of you again

Things are getting better until I pass the places that we used to go

I drink to get drunk because without you I can’t get out of bed

I’m like a lonesome stranger cause of all the rumors you spread

When I thought I was over you and then I seen you with him

I said I’m happy you’re with him, giving the chance I’d lie again

It seems the only time we don’t fight is in my dreams when you’re not with him

So your happily in love with him, I’ll see you in my dreams again

I only want to feel your happiness, I guess it’s the end for us

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