Thursday, August 28, 2014


The search of your soul to mine, the sun as it shines

          The sun as it shines outside is like thinking of you it makes me cry

          life Without you makes me feel some days like I’m dying inside

           So mamma I know you need answers but most times I can’t tell you why

            I must go on the best I can and mom I owe you my world, so I must try

            I’m trying to become the best son I can some things I do you wouldn't

         Understand so it Defines who I am as a man, there’s lines I cross I shouldn't

        search goes on for answers about life’s Destiny using tools like our dignity as guide

            Among st
us still Posses the proud features where it makes us all an old soul teacher

     as my father’s teachings taught me a life means nothing without the soul of our dignity

             Becoming the best person you can be is not possible without your dignity


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