Friday, August 8, 2014


you knife my back,and lie to my face

I searched for you're soul but I couldn't find a trace

 what it is what you done, what you done is what it is

 their you go behind my back again flinging another one

you must be heartless cause I can't find a soul all the lies you told

you have so much power in you're force in the knifes that you throw

they say it don't hurt it's only stick and stones,bucknife to the bone

but they seem to cut the deepest whenever you're alone

with the knifes in the back you're making times tough

I  don't get it why do you have to be so rough

all those words you sling hurt enough

one thing you'll see something I've found

friend what comes around goes around

a so called friend will stab you when you're down

so if i'm wrong and you do have a soft soul

then do the right thing and mend the holes

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